What do you envision the Yankee’s infeild to look like in September?

What do you envision the Yankee’s infield to look like in September?

-Martha Wollner

While Drury and Wade make solid to pretty good regulars, barring injury or trade, very little should be able to stop 3B from being Andujar’s and 2B from being Torres’s. Didi, for the moment is entrenched at SS though Manny Machado’s upcoming free agency has an outside chance of changing that. Still, Didi is the clear shortstop at the moment. Sanchez may be one of the greatest catchers of our era when all is said and done and I’m not sure any other catcher IN THE LEAGUE could beat him out for C of the Yankees. The team wants win both now and later after all vs just being a win now team. Bird is the only question mark for me and it has nothing to do with his ability. He just needs to stay healthy. I would bet on his health this year however. If Bird does get hurt however, the team would be smart to start giving Stanton reps there for a multitude of reasons first being to try and clear room in the outfield logjam. So ideally the season ends with Andujar at 3B, Didi at SS, Torres at 2B and Bird at 1B.