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This site accumulates player performance data to provide an overview of the top players in professional baseball. Our accurate methods allow for predictions on various outcomes throughout the season.

Player Statistics

We have a leaderboard measuring the skills a position player needs in order to produce results at the big league level.

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More than


First and foremost, we love the game. All aspects, from the play to the strategy.


We appreciate and understand the nuances of the game.


We love data! There is a vast amount of statistics that can be collected.


The combination of data and depth of knowledge of the game enables us to develop predictive algortihms.

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It’s not rocket science, but you have to understand the combination of baseball scouting and statistical data is the only way to get an accurate way of viewing players. We do a great job of being accurate with our assessments.
Several years of study and evaluation have gone into developing our predictive methods. To us, it is more than just the numbers gathered to present an accurate picture of player performance. We account for the subtle differences behind good or bad seasons, essentially the peripherals to measure which direction players are going in. However, no player is ranked highly solely off stats, our own scouting reports are a big part of our evaluation. That includes understanding how to determine if players will age well and deal with higher level competition.
  • 60% STATISTICS 60% 60%
  • 30% KNOWLEDGE 30% 30%
  • 10% WE JUST KNOW 10% 10%
What We Offer.

Performance Metrics

Take a look at the data we have aggregrated to display what we feel are factors for determining future performance output.

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